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Roots for Kids: A Genealogy Guide for Young People

New Third Edition:

New in June 2007, a revised edition of my first book, Roots for Kids. With over half of the material new and incorporating how genealogy is done in this day of extensive databases on the web, this long-time favorite gets a needed revision. Still popular with schools and individuals, including many adults who find it a great way to start their own searching, the book now incorporates, in the same easy style, the information needed to take your search from its beginnings out to local, state, national and international sites for research.

My first book:

There is no moment for an author more magical than seeing their first book in print. What a thrill to see your words transformed into this beautiful item with your own name on the cover!

Since genealogy was the means I used to develop a love of history, I am delighted that this book was my first. I had always thought it might be fun to write a book, and the feeling of accomplishment was tremendous. Even better was the magic moment when I actually opened a letter accepting the book for publication.

Over the years I have heard from so many people who have used the book in their own search for family stories. I have spoken with teachers who use it each year in the classroom and with students who have said it helped them start on a fascinating hobby. In terms of my own research, it has also connected me with 'cousins' who found in my stories parts of their own!

There is a funny question which I am often asked which I will answer here--no, those are not my kids on the cover of the book! It seems everyone assumes that I had the chance to design the cover and put my kids on it. I can always guarantee that someone in a school or library group will ask me that. It gives me a chance to talk about what parts of a book are controlled by the author and what by the publisher. (Oh, I should add, that my kids have always been disappointed that it wasn't them on the cover!)


Minnesota Genealogist, Winter 1997
"With this book by Vermont author Beller, younger readers can begin their ancestral search with living relatives who can share their life experiences and personal history first-hand ... Easy to understand language and helpful tips encourage the younger set to continue their searches ... a great resource for the young researcher."

The Weekly Herald, Madison, Indiana, December 12, 1997
"While we have talked about 'how to do genealogy' books before, we feel this one merits special attention."

The Kalamazoo Valley Heritage, March 1995
"Adults may also appreciate it as a self-taught genealogy course ... the reader is treated with much respect, not talked 'down to', throughout the book"

Willard Abraham, Copley News Service
"With emphasis on the fun that there can be in genealogy, the author carefully leads you into such a project in an interesting manner."

The Connecticut Nutmegger, March 1998
"This is a great introduction to genealogy for children, getting them started in the right way."